Last updated: 12 April 2023

4 ways to speed up client onboarding

Kian Maguire11 April 2023

New client? This should be a cause to celebrate, not a moment to reach for the aspirin. Unfortunately, many people’s reaction will be the latter as client onboarding can scream time-consuming tasks, manual processes, and a lot of chasing. Many practices have ideas to try and make the process easier, but none are quite as effective as automation.

A quick and hassle-free client onboarding process isn’t it just a dream anymore – thanks to automation, it can now become a reality. Here are four ways you can speed up your onboarding process with Bright’s practice management software, AccountancyManager.  

4 ways to speed up client onboarding  

1. Templates for proposals and e-signed letters of engagement  

Automate your proposals, registration, and letters of engagement, so you'll never have to worry about drafting the ‘perfect’ email again. Our email templates have been pre-written by a seasoned accountant, so they've been tried and tested to get the job done, and you can edit them to your heart’s content (as best practice, we always recommend to check the latest requirements from regulatory bodies when creating letters of engagement.) With over 40 ready-made templates to choose from, you'll never struggle to find the right words in an email again. Your client can also e-sign letters of engagement using AccountancyManager, saving you both a ton of travel time to acquire handwritten signatures.  

2. Chase up professional clearance  

Professional clearance is one of those tasks that always seems to end up at the bottom of your client's previous accountant's to-do list. Not only are they losing a client, but they have a ton of paperwork to handover too (not very motivating). But fear not, AccountancyManager can automate the drafting and sending of professional clearance emails, as well as reminder emails to make sure you get the information you need as quickly as possible. You can send out these reminders daily, weekly, as often as you like. This means no more having to write endless follow-ups and no more wasted time - just a seamless, streamlined process that does most of the work for you and (hopefully) gets professional clearance completed in no time. 

3. Completing AML and risk assessments  

Anti-money laundering checks is important when taking on new clients. With AccountancyManager, the software can help automate some of this process for you - from requesting proof of ID to credit screens. The system also has a comprehensive risk assessment checklist, allowing you to carry out further checks and assign risk ratings to identify clients with low, medium, and high levels of risk. 

4. Automatically assign tasks to your team effortlessly  

When you add a new client to AccountancyManager and fill in the agreed upon jobs the system automatically creates and assigns tasks for your team members to complete. This means less manual task assignment, no more confusion, and no need for an extra member of staff to carry out monotonous admin work - just a smoother, simpler, and streamlined process.  

The speed of client onboarding is a sign of a thriving practice. Now with AccountancyManager's features, onboarding your clients can become one of the most hassle-free parts of your job. Would you like to see even more automation tools from AccountancyManager? Book a free one-to-one demo with one of our experts today.

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