Last updated: 18 April 2023

A charity compliance solution that’s simple and affordable

Alex Troy17 April 2023

Accounts Production charity templates made easy 

We understand the struggle of adhering to the strict reporting terms set by the English or Scottish Charity Commission’s Statements of Recommended Practice and Company Law. So let our software handle the boring stuff, so you can focus on making a difference. 

Here at Bright, our tax and compliance solution, BTCSoftware, has AP charity templates to give you everything you need to comply with these regulations (and the appropriate Statement of Recommended Practice), without breaking the bank. We offer charity templates within our Accounts Production solution that give you easy charitable company compliance. This includes FRS102 SORP: 

  • Unincorporated Small 
  • Incorporated Small Company 
  • Scottish Unincorporated Small 
  • Scottish SCIO Small 
  • Scottish Incorporated Small Company

And you can also say goodbye to the headache of managing charity clients' taxes – our intuitive and user-friendly platform seamlessly integrates annual accounts with our Corporation Tax module, allowing you to effortlessly meet their needs.  

If your clients are charitable organisations complying with the FRS 102 SORP and UK GAAP (if relevant), reporting is easy. You can produce: 

  • A Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA) 
  • A summary income and expenditure account 
  • Analysis of income and expenditure across funds 
  • Analysis of restricted, unrestricted and endowment funds 
  • Analysis of the sources of income

Charity tax returns and CT600Es 

You already know that charities recognised by HMRC may be eligible for exemption from tax on their income and gains, which means you need to complete the CASC Supplementary page to the CT600 – the CT600E. How often they’re asked to make a return just depends on the extent and nature of their activities. 

And even if the charity has any income that doesn't qualify for tax relief, they must complete a tax return. Also (just to keep things interesting!), HMRC can even ask for a tax return from a charity that doesn't owe any tax (but don’t worry, they’ll write to request this on a case-by-case basis) 

Make charity compliance simple 

Interested in learning more? Watch our video below to see five ways we can help you with charity clients. Can’t wait? Book a demo of our software today to simplify and streamline your charity clients’ compliance.

Five ways we can help with charity compliance

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