AccountancyManagerLast updated: 28 October 2022

New: File CS01s through AccountancyManager

Elizabeth Jones29 September 2022

Complete CS01s in a few clicks and submit to Companies House within AM, including paying the fee. As our first step into filing, this new feature signifies an exciting evolution for AccountancyManager. 

We’re always looking for ways to make more of your admin tasks quicker and easier – if not eliminate them entirely. Now, instead of opening up Companies House, finding the right codes, entering client information, and paying – simply complete the whole CS01 process in AM. 

If your clients do their own Confirmation Statements, now is a great time to take the annual annoyance away from them.

30-day trial and 5 submissions for free

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving AM users a 30-day free trial, during which you can submit five Confirmation Statements for free. Usually, they’re £15, which includes the £13 Companies House fee, plus a £2 +VAT processing fee.

A quick guide to CS01 filing 

  1. Switch on automation for CS01 by going to: Settings > Automation Settings > CS01 Records Request
  2. When the automatic records request period for Confirmation Statements is reached, (usually 14 days before the Confirmation Statement Date) AM will pull through the client data as currently held by Companies House and populate the CS01 Records Request. email, this will be added to your email queue. 
  3. Your client will receive an email with the most current data held by Companies House. They can check over the details and either confirm everything is correct or let you know of any changes.
  4. You can now continue the CS01 Filing by visiting their Client File, and going to the Companies House tab.
  5. As you work your way through the CS01 filing wizard, confirm that the data held by Companies House is correct. If there are any changes required to the Trading Status, SIC Codes, Shareholders or Share Capital you can make these changes via AM.
  6. Once all details are confirmed as correct you’ll be asked to review the data for a final time before submitting the filing to Companies House. Your account will be billed for the Companies House filing fee and AM processing fee.
  7. AM will notify you once the filing has been accepted by Companies House and will record the submission, time and date-stamped, on your client’s Timeline.

So what’s Leigh’s verdict?

Leigh is one of our users who tries out new features before their release. “It’s what? Three, four clicks and it’s done?” he says. “So easy, so simple, such a brilliant thing.”

“We've had customers that have said, ‘Could you just do it for us so it's one less hassle?’ Happy days. No problem! We just tick on the service in AM, job done.”

“If we take on another member of staff,” adds Leigh, “it's damn easier to train them how to use AccountancyManager and do the confirmation filing there than it is to say, ‘Well, log into here and find the authentication code here and find that here…’ It's in one place. It's nice and easy.”

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