Company News, CharityLast updated: October 4, 2023

Throwing Back to Our Epic Charity Events of Last Year!

Charlotte McArdleSeptember 19, 2023

Bright consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to annual charity fundraising, actively engaging in various initiatives such as cycling challenges, bake sales, and walking events. We wholeheartedly participate in these efforts to support incredible causes. It's incredible to think that a year has passed since our remarkable involvement in those charity events. Let's take a moment to revisit some of our colleague Nevdish's memorable highlights.

1. The Walking Challenge and Tree Planting: We Walked the Talk!

Remember our walking challenge? We covered a whopping 12,636 kilometres – that's like walking across a whole country and then some! And those trees we planted through A total of 58 are now thriving, all thanks to our footsteps. But it's not just about the distance. We raised €430 for the LauraLynn Foundation, helping kids with life-limiting conditions, and £190 for the Myton Hospice, supporting those facing terminal illnesses. Our strides made a real impact! 

2. Spreading Christmas Magic with Hampers: 'Tis the Season to Give!

Ah, the holidays. Our Christmas hamper collection was a hit. In Warwick, we teamed up for the St. John The Baptist Church, and in Ireland, we joined forces for the Lions Club and St. Vincent de Paul. Those hampers packed a punch of love and solidarity. Small gestures, big impact. Our events showed us the power of teamwork and giving. Let's keep that vibe going – here's to making a difference and having a blast while doing it! 🌟🎉

Click below to see our Tik Tok video showcasing everyone's scenic walks during our walking challenge.