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How to avoid payroll data security disasters: 5 tips

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Elaine Carroll2 December 2022

We all make mistakes, and unfortunately, mistakes can have consequences. But consequences like a burnt piece of toast or a drained car battery are a lot easier to put right than the consequences of a data security breach. These types of mistakes may be different, but they're usually caused by the same thing - human error, the cause of 95% of cyber-security breaches in 2021.  

It can easily happen, you're busy thinking of what to have for dinner that night, and before you know it, you've clicked on a link in an email you shouldn't have. Or maybe you’re overworked and overtired and end up emailing payslips or a payroll report to the wrong email address. 

When it comes to payroll and complying with GDPR, protecting clients’ data safe can be a minefield. A simple mistake like mistyping an email address, although accidental, could land you in hot water and you could even get slapped with a hefty fine. 

Luckily, in our upcoming webinar, you can learn 5 ways to easily avoid data security disasters. We’ll discuss the importance of cyber-security when it comes to your clients’ payroll and what tools can help you stay compliant and keep that important client data safe. 

Webinar agenda: 

  • The importance of cyber-security 
  • GDPR best practices 
  • Backup your payroll data to the cloud 
  • Give clients more control over their payroll data 
  • Store important reports in a centralised location 
  • Let employees access payslips and documents from anywhere 
  • Questions and answers session 

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 8th December at 2:00 pm. Unable to join us? No worries. Register anyway and we will send you the recording afterwards.

Protect your payroll with these 5 security tips

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