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Rob Ellis: Why BTCSoftware’s Joining Bright

Rob Ellis Director of UK Tax and Compliance

Rob EllisOctober 5, 2022

It’s a big day for BTCSoftware, so I’m making my debut on the Bright blog to share my thoughts on why we’re joining Bright.

This business was founded in 1999, which means we’ve been in the tax software development space for a long time now. Given the challenges presented by changing governments - we’ve seen six Prime Ministers since the business began - and shifts in policies, we’ve kept flexibility, innovation and optimism as our guiding principles. Those principles mean we’ve always approached new ideas with an open mind.

We’ve also always been clear that we’re a business that puts people and progress first. From day one, when we first explored the idea of BTCSoftware, Ian (Katté) and I were on a mission to solve the real daily headaches accountants (like Ian!) experienced in their practices. That mission hasn’t changed, which makes Bright the perfect new home for BTCSoftware.

The Bright benefits for tax and compliance software

Joining the Bright family expands the horizons of possibility for BTCSoftware’s suite of tax and compliance software. We’ll be part of a set of best-in-class software products which represent a brighter work life for accounting professionals, from bookkeeping through to payroll, from annual accounts through to tax.

What’s next for BTCSoftware by Bright?

Completing the acquisition is only the first step on a much longer journey.

We’ll be getting to know our new colleagues over the coming months. We’ll be collaborating, planning and mapping out the integration process. And because Bright so closely aligns with BTCSoftware’s guiding principles, we’ll still be taking every step with our users in mind.

Keep an eye on our social channels (BTCSoftware TwitterBright Twitter) for more information in the coming weeks.

Bright online

Click through to the Bright homepage to meet the rest of the family.

The official press release can be found here.