Case Studies

Discover how Bright is improving the lives of thousands of accountants.


An interview with...Boffix

Aaron Patrick is head of accounts at Boffix, a digital-first accounting firm. Discover how he solved the business' growing pain points, how software helped them to scale, and why the firm no longer needs admin staff.

An interview with...Future Cloud Accounting

Future Cloud is a fast-growing firm of eight – with AccountancyManager at its heart. See how it speeds up onboarding, supports rapid growth and gives clients a seamless digital experience.

An interview with...StriveX

Over the last 2 and a half years, James and Rachel firm have rapidly scaled their firm, StriveX, from 50 clients to 600 clients. Along this journey, they turned to time-saving software, AccountancyManager, to help.

An interview with...TaxAssist

Kully Sahota has been in accounting for over 22 years and is now Principal of TaxAssist Edgbaston. Having implemented AccountancyManager in multiple practices, he's been able to take on more clients and grow the business.

Zapier and our Client Portal transform onboarding at Boffix 

Every AccountancyManager user sits somewhere on the ‘digital knowledge’ spectrum. Those who admit technology terrifies them at one end and actual developers at the other. Aaron Patrick is of the latter ilk.

AM & BrightPay: It’s all about the ethos 

When Leigh joined his wife Sarah in her practice, he was shocked by the ‘spreadsheet monster’. This was not the lifestyle business they’d dreamt of when leaving the corporate world. Cue: Technology and automation. 

Smooth onboarding from step 1… to step 64-8 

Francesca and Charlotte met at a networking event in 2018, where they bonded over a shared passion for cloud accounting. Three years later, Future Cloud is a fast-growing firm of eight – with AM at its heart. 


Why this family run firm remains loyal to BrightPay

Four years ago, Fernhill Accountants chose BrightPay to process payroll for their clients. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

Why a Sage user switched to BrightPay

How a chartered accountancy practice uses BrightPay to deliver payroll services above their clients’ expectations.

Streamlined payroll for modern clients 

Discover how moving from Moneysoft helped this accountant save time and achieve a cloud-based practice.

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