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With over 30 years in the payroll software industry, trust Bright to support you through Revenue's Enhanced Reporting Requirements.

What are Enhanced Reporting Requirements?

From the 1st of January 2024, employers will be required to report details to Revenue of certain non-taxable payments made to employees. Revenue is calling this Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR). Where employers make a tax-free payment under one of the three categories listed below, they must submit the details electronically to Revenue. These categories represent phase one of the new requirement.

Use our Enhanced Reporting Requirements Hub to learn all you need to know about ERR, and discover Bright's new product, specifically designed to make ERR easier for businesses, BrightExpenses.

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Wednesday, 29th November | 11:00 am

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Here at Bright, we are actively engaged with Revenue to develop ERR functionality within our payroll solutions.

We are also working on a more seamless alternative to the ROS manual system, to help you save time and provide more accuracy when reporting. We've scheduled a webinar on Thursday, 7th of December, to demo this product and take any questions you may have.

Integrated with your payroll software

Bright’s payroll software will facilitate ERR reporting

Existing TPM users will be able to access BrightExpenses free of charge

Existing Surf Payroll users will be able to access BrightExpenses free of charge

How will BrightExpenses work?

BrightExpenses will act as a seamless alternative to the ROS manual system, saving you time, providing greater accuracy, and offering guidance in relation to qualifying criteria. Plus, you’ll have a backup of documentation required in the event of a query by Revenue.

Expenses processed through the payroll

BrightExpenses will integrate with Bright’s payroll solutions, BrightPay, Thesaurus Payroll Manager, and Surf Payroll. This means that any non-taxable expenses entered into your payroll software can be directly sent to BrightExpenses, which can then be sent from BrightExpenses to ROS.

Non-payroll expenses

For any non-payroll expenses, these can be added manually into BrightExpenses, and the information can be sent directly to ROS in the correct format. This keeps all your expenses in the one place, and will be a more seamless alternative to the ROS manual system.

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For more information, and to keep up to date on Enhanced Reporting Requirements, visit the Revenue website.

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