Modulr's batch payments feature in BrightPay

Payments can now be approved as a single batch, rather than having to select multiple payments

How it works in BrightPay

When setting up payments in BrightPay, through the Modulr API, you'll be asked to choose how you would like to approve these payments in Modulr. You will have two options:

1. Each payment separately

Payments are submitted together, but the operations (approve, reject, cancel) on the payments in the submission are actioned individually.

2. As a single batch

Payments are submitted and operated on (approve, reject, cancel) as a single batch (new feature).

How it works in Modulr

To approve or reject a batch payment in Modulr, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to 'Approvals' and select the 'Batches' tab.

2. Select the checkbox of the batch you want to approve on the right of the batch row.

3. In the action bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, select Approve or Reject.

4. Confirm the action you selected in the confirmation summary box that appears (you’ll be prompted for an Authy authentication).

The payments in the batch will now send or move on to their next pending state. Rejected batches will not send.

For more information on this feature, check out Modulr's webpage.

Interested in using Batch Payments?

If you're interested in using the Batch Payments feature, please contact Modulr's Support.