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Automated client emails and texts

BrightManager will automatically chase records and tax payments from your clients by email and text. Gather everything you need, say goodbye to chasing clients and never miss a client deadline again. Communications can go out in bulk or be highly tailored – you're in control. 

Automated task management

Manage your time effectively with automatically generated task lists driven by compliance deadlines. Create workflow templates, see task and subtask details at a glance, assign to team members, track progress and customise your task list to suit you.

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Automated onboarding

Automate your entire onboarding process from professional clearance to proposal & letter of engagement. Complete AML checks and risk assessments, and request HMRC agent authorisation codes directly. 

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BrightManager Automated Onboarding

Client portal

Share documents with clients and request e-signatures through the online portal. The client portal is fully GDPR-compliant, acts as your internal filing system and can be white-labelled so that it looks like a part of your website. 

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BrightManager Client Portal


Keep your whole practice on the same (paperless) page by sending internal messages through BrightManager. When anything changes within your practice – or your client’s portal – you'll know about it instantly. 

BrightManager Notifications

Time tracking

Track time to keep an eye on productivity, generate invoices from work in progress and monitor profitability. See who’s logged in and what they’re working on in real-time, as well as the value of uninvoiced time. 

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Make business-critical decisions by evaluating which jobs are the most, and least, profitable. Track staff costs against client revenue, identify your profit sources, review your fee structure and track your growth strategy. 

BrightManager Profitability

Ready-to-go templates

Our pre-made templates cover every automated email and text you’ll ever send to your clients. Over 40 email templates ready to go, pre-written by a qualified accountant, highly personalised and customisable. 

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BrightManager Ready-to-go Templates


BrightManager works ‘out of the box’, but is also fully customisable to suit the individual needs of your practice and clients. 

BrightManager Customisations

Email management

Emails play an integral role within your firm. View all emails that have been forwarded into BrightManager, utilise enhanced scheduling capabilities and create tasks from emails. 

BrightManager Email Management

Custom forms

Build custom forms and share them with your clients through our GDPR-compliant portal. Automatically chase for late or incomplete forms and get all the information you need – fast.

Client timeline

An audit-trail of all client correspondence including emails, calls, texts and meetings. Provide a seamless service and protect your liability.

BrightManager Client Timeline

Anti-money laundering and risk

Keep your clients compliant and your practice covered with best practice risk management. Complete and store risk assessments, give your clients a risk rating, and run AML ID and credit checks directly from BrightManager.

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Anti-money laundering and risk

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