BrightPayLast updated: 4 January 2023

2023/24 National Living Wage and Minimum Wage rates

Elaine Carroll4 January 2023

The minimum hourly rate an employee should be paid will depend on their age and if they are working in an apprenticeship. Those aged 23 and over should be paid the National Living Wage (NLW). In November 2022, the government announced the new National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage rates which will be introduced from April 2023.  

2023/24 National Living Wage rate 

  • Employees aged 23 and over: £10.42 per hour 

2023/24 National Minimum Wage rates  

  • Employees aged 21 to 22: £10.18 per hour 
  • Employees aged 18 to 20: £7.49 per hour 
  • Employees aged under 18: £5.28 per hour  

2023/24 apprentice rates 

  • Apprentices aged 18 and under: £5.28 per hour 
  • Apprentices in their first year: £5.28 per hour 

Apprentices who have completed their first year and are aged 19 and over are entitled to receive the minimum wage rate for their age. 

2023/24 accommodation offset rate 

  • Daily accommodation offset rate: £9.10 per hour 

Learn how to calculate minimum wage using the accommodation offset rate

The NLW and almost all NMW rates will see an increase of 9.7% on the previous year. The highest increase in rates is for 21- and 22-year-olds, which will see a 10.7% increase. This larger increase may be due to the fact that by 2024, the age which employees will begin to receive the NLW is targeted to be reduced to 21.