Every day is a
Bright day

Group of friendly coworkers

You’ll never work with a company quite like Bright.

Our simply brilliant software is created and supported by our simply brilliant team. 

Bright embodies a modern, creative, progressive work environment. We support collaboration, innovation and excellence, whilst having fun!

Bright working environment

What makes us Bright?

Bright values customers


We centre our business on our customer's needs and work tirelessly to make it easier for them to run their businesses sustainably.

Bright values people


We focus on the development and wellbeing of our people as they are the key to our culture, growth, and customer happiness.

Bright values excellence


We take pride in delivering our best effort in all that we do, setting and achieving high standards of performance.

Bright values collaboration


We work together across functions and geographies, promoting clear communication to enhance our working relationships and bring the Bright Way to life.

Bright values innovation


We creatively explore solutions and new ways of thinking so we can be agile and go beyond conventional norms, in an ethical, socially, and sustainable manner.

Bright values respect


Respect is our red thread and it weaves through every aspect of our culture and all that we do.

Employee benefits and perks

Bright employee benefits and perks

Bright - making a difference


Our Green Team work on creative ways to make the company's operations more environmentally friendly. They also aim to encourage change amongst colleagues on an individual level, at home, at work and in the community


Our employee led Charity Committee take ownership of employee fundraising, organising events and initiatives for both our corporate charity partners as well as charities that are close to their own hearts

Celebrating People

We love a reason to celebrate - whether it's celebrating Pride, wearing green for St. Patricks Day, coming together for International Women's Day or carving masterpieces for our annual Pumpkin Carving Competition

Our bright people say:

Photo of Niamh Shortall

Niamh, Support

"If I had to describe my role in five words it would be: Diverse, challenging, interesting, sociable and rewarding."

Luke, Sales

"We are such a strong team and you can always count on someone to help you out if you are stuck on a difficult query."


Elaine, Marketing

"My favourite thing about my role is that I get to be creative in almost everything I do, whether it’s coming up with an e-mail title or designing an image for our software products."


Conor, Sales

"Since working at Bright the biggest thing that stood out to me was the entire culture in Bright, in which it is one that is open to ideas, and allows and rewards individuals to express themselves while every team is working towards achieving the same goals."


Jennifer, HR

"Our culture at Bright is that of collaboration, innovation and respect and everyone at Bright emodies these values which is what makes it such a great place to work. Everyone is always there to lend a helping hand whenever you need it."

Robyn, Marketing

"Bright is an incredible company to work for, with a creative and collaborative atmosphere. Everyone's voice and ideas are respected, and there are always opportunities to develop your career.Bright also understands the importance of work-life balance, which not all companies do."

Whilst we’ve embraced hybrid working,
it’s great to meet in person at one of our offices

Duleek, Ireland

Warwick, UK

Kolkata, India