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At Bright we centre our business on our customer's needs and it is safe to say that our sales team fully embrace this value. Our sales team is made up of hard working, innovative and driven people who enjoy the atmosphere of the office as much as a sale!

Every day in the sales team is different, at its core is it is about working tirelessly to make it easier for our client's businesses to run their businesses smoothly and sustainably.

Our sales team offers every team member an opportunity to develop and be challenged. Our continued growth and success means that there are endless career opportunities in sales at Bright.

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Our sales department is split into two teams:

Inside Sales

Our Inside sales team create interactive discussions with prospective customers to help them identify the benefits and opportunities of our Bright products. Our team nurture the relationship and re-engages with the prospect along their journey until the customer is ready to complete the purchasing process and is then passed to their Account Manager in the sales team.


Once the client is passed from the inside sales team to the sales team their purchasing process begins. Our sales representatives interact directly with the client throughout all phases of the sales process. They are responsible for identifying a clients needs and pitch relevant products to suit their needs all while ensuring the client has a positive experience from start to finish.

A day in the life of a Sales Executive

A day in the life for me in Bright on the BrightPay sales team is very rewarding and can encompass a wide variety of tasks that all aim to help make sure that BrightPay is the best solution for any prospects and can help benefit the prospect’s work life. These tasks can involve, calls and emails to live demo’s and onboarding new customers. In addition, we act as an account manager, a direct line to our new customers and help guide them towards different teams if they require assistance or have any questions to ensure they aren’t left in the dark.

Conor, Sales Executive


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As a Graduate Sales Executive you will play a key role in our driving company growth and success across Ireland and the UK.