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7 reasons your business needs to invest in a full-time accountant

Joe Moore

Joe Moore3 April 2023

Are you a busy business owner struggling to keep on top of finances? Maybe your business is growing quickly and you’re starting to feel like you need some professional help to manage your accounts. Whatever your situation, there are definite benefits to seeking out professional accountancy advice. Here are just a few of the ways that working with an accountant can help your business:   

1. Save time by outsourcing your responsibilities 

Delegating financial tasks to a professional is an excellent way for business owners to free up more of their time. Doing so allows them to focus on other elements of the business that require their attention, such as strategy, customer service and growth. Not only does delegating financial tasks help owners save time, but it also helps maximise their potential returns as they're able to take advantage of expert advice and strategies.  

For those entrepreneurs who are seeking a more hands-off approach in managing their financial affairs, delegating these tasks is an ideal solution. Not only will they be able to benefit from improved portfolio management and risk management plans, but they’ll also be able to use their resources more effectively by allowing a professional accountant to handle all budgetary decisions. Investing in a knowledgeable accountant will ultimately result in better decision-making capabilities when it comes to your business' money matters. 

2. Save money by getting professional accountancy advice 

Saving money is no small feat – it can often feel like an impossible task. But, if you're in the market for some sound financial advice, then getting professional accountancy guidance is a smart move to make. Not only will this ensure that you get expert advice tailored to your specific situation, but it can also save you money too. You'll be able to make sure you don’t miss any Revenue payments, your pricing is accurate and up-to-date, and all other financial matters are properly attended to – ultimately reducing legal costs while making sure your finances (and budget) stay bright and intact.  

3. Ensure your taxes are up to scratch  

Tax season doesn't have to be a heavy lift. Done correctly, filing taxes can be an efficient process. By taking your time and being mindful of the mistakes that can slow you down, like missing or incomplete forms or double-entry errors, tax returns can go smoothly. To ensure maximum efficiency, find a tax professional who is knowledgeable about the specific forms and issues for your situation and make sure all information provided is accurate. Technology also continues to evolve which can help you prepare tax returns quicker and easier than ever before. With the right expertise and modern tools available, getting your taxes done doesn’t have to be tedious – it just takes some smart planning. 

4. Use your accountant as a sounding board for financial decisions 

No one wants to make a bad financial decision. But can you count on yourself to remember all the small details and consider all the options to determine the best course of action? It’s likely that this is not the case – and that's why utilising your accountant as a sounding board for your financial decisions can be incredibly helpful. After all, who knows the details better than someone trained in the field? Plus, with an accountant by your side, you'll take comfort in knowing you're making decisions with confidence and precision – and that’s really what it’s all about. Don’t hesitate to rely on your accountant's counsel when evaluating potential business-changing financial decisions — chances are they know more than you do. 

5. Be precise with keeping track of your finances 

Keeping track of your finances is a task that often feels overwhelming. Monitoring and understanding your company’s financial statements is essential but can quickly leave you feeling lost and confused. Bookkeeping services are available to help you stay on top of all your financial needs, whether you're an established business, just starting out or managing your own personal finances. With a bookkeeper’s expertise, you can be sure to never fall behind when it comes to your accounts.  

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6. Prepare for retirement and invest in your future 

Working with a qualified accountant will help you get the most out of the time and money you have invested in your future. They can help create comprehensive financial plans tailored to your unique needs that often include retirement planning, estate planning, savings strategies, and tax minimisation. An accountant's assistance gives you peace of mind as you work towards achieving long-term goals; it's like having an extra pair of eyes on your financial situation so you don't miss any opportunities for success. 

7. Gain peace of mind knowing that your finances are in good hands 

When it comes to your personal finances, nothing is more valuable than that peace of mind knowing your money is safe. That doesn't mean you have to be a money guru – it just means you need the right resources, support, and guidance to make sure you're taking the right steps with your financial goals in mind. With a little bit of self-awareness and some expert advice, you can master managing your finances – so that all you need to worry about is living your best life. 

Final thoughts 

Have you been thinking about investing in an accountant? If so, then hopefully this blog has given you some things to think about. Accountants can save you money, help you with your taxes, be a sounding board for financial decisions, and help you plan for retirement or other long-term goals. If you're looking for someone to help you with your finances, then an accountant may be the right choice. But remember, an accountant can’t perform magic – you need to give them all the necessary information to complete your accounts and you have to do so in a timely manner. The best way to ensure this is to use an accounting package which allows you to share data with your accountant in real-time. 

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