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Use of cookies by Bright

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Cookies help make a website work and can provide information to us about how our users interact with our online Services, including this website, to help us improve the Service to our users.

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How we use cookies

We use cookies across the Bright website and our associated Services for a number of reasons, like helping us determine the popularity of certain content, improving our Services and your experience, and to better understand your online activity. The cookies we use fall into one or more of the following general categories:



We use these cookies to help identify and mitigate potential security risks.


We use these cookies to remember your settings and preferences, such as language and location, when you use our Services.



We use these cookies to better understand how you interact with our Services so that we can improve them.

For example, we may use these cookies to determine if you have interacted with certain content or features. We can also use these cookies to learn more about which features are the most popular with our users and where we may need to make improvements.


We and our trusted advertising partners use these cookies to display advertisements, to make advertisements more relevant to visitors to our websites, and to track the efficiency of any advertising campaigns, both on our Services and on other websites.

How do I change my cookie settings?

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:

To find information relating to other browsers, please visit the browser developer's website.

To prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, you can install Google’s opt-out browser add-on.

You can also opt-out of a number of targeted advertising cookies by visiting these opt-out pages: National Advertising Initiative and Google. This opt-out will not stop advertising companies from showing you banner ads, but it will prevent them from personalising their banner ads to you specifically.