Surf AP, Surf AccountsLast updated: 22 November 2023

Fuel your practice with an integrated accounting platform

Kian Maguire

Kian Maguire25 November 2022

Accounting software packages are here to make your life easier. It’s likely you conduct year-end work for clients using an accounts production software  and if you offer bookkeeping services to your clients, it’s also likely you use a bookkeeping software. While you might rely on your software to get this work done faster, there can be frustrations surrounding it. You may be wasting time exporting and importing files, changing file formats, and completing the same task multiple times in different software.  

To help address these frustrations, software providers have begun introducing API integrations between different software packages, allowing data to be transferred quicky. This allows accountants to send bookkeeping data into their cloud-based accounts production software

But what if there was an even quicker way of achieving this?  

Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production can work separately but can also combine to make one unique platform. When combined, the data which is added into your accounts production system, will automatically update on your bookkeeping platform and vice versa. This eliminates the need to click a button to transfer the information from one system to another, meaning you save even more time. This also eliminates manual double entry and errors typically associated with it.  

How can you use the system?  

Users of both Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production have a choice as to how they conduct their work for bookkeeping and year-end clients. They can:  

  • Use both packages separately, and the data will automatically transfer from one to the other.  
  • Conduct all their bookkeeping and year-end work from the one combined system.  

The platform does more than your standard integration as the two systems combine to form one, allowing you to complete all your bookkeeping and year-end work from a single platform.  

What are the advantages of using the Surf platform?

No more CSV files 

Using different software providers can bring many challenges. If you use an accounts production and bookkeeping platform with no integration, you will have to input the same figures into two different systems. With Surf, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, as you no longer need to manually import CSV files. Once data is updated or added to Surf Accounts, this information will automatically be added to Surf Accounts Production. 

Eliminate manual double entry 

It’s typical to have data entry errors when with manually inputting data. Manual errors are extremely common and easy to make, and they can also have knock-on effects and cause further errors in your work. Fixing these mistakes can be extremely time-consuming. Using an all-in-one system like Surf means double entry is eliminated from your task list, ensuring accuracy and improving your accounting processes.  

Automatic data transfer or a single screen  

Depending on how you choose to use Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production, you can benefit from an easier user interface and automatic data transfer.  

  • As mentioned previously, if you choose to use the systems separately Surf will automatically update changes on both platforms.  
  • If you decide to use our combined system, you can eliminate the constant flicking between two different packages. This allows you to complete your work in a smooth and uninterrupted fashion. Simply log into Surf Accounts Production and select a client who has a bookkeeping licence. You will then be directed to a screen where all your bookkeeping and year-end modules are available together. 

How can this improve your bottom line? 

Offering bookkeeping services doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Surf Accounts Production and Surf Accounts, you can collaborate with your client in real time. With the ability to offer your client access, they can add in invoices, quotes, expenses and more. You can work together to make bookkeeping as efficient as possible.  

The online bookkeeping software, Surf Accounts, comes with a Stock Management tool and a CRM, giving you the opportunity to offer a comprehensive bookkeeping page at a higher price point. With Surf Accounts, you can provide clients access to these features, so they can view and alter the key figures for their business, manage their stock levels, and conduct all their CRM functions.  

Key learning  

Surf allows you to streamline your bookkeeping and accounts production processes, making it as easy as possible to complete your accounting tasks. The choice of which way you use the integration is completely up to each user but the integration strives to improve accuracy, make life easier and save you time.