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Working in Development

Developer is their name and coding is their game!

The Development team at Bright comprises of IT professionals who write, test, debug and maintain our software applications as well as identify areas for modification in our existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications.

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A day in the life of a Developer

I've been a developer at Bright for just over seven years working on various products and technologies both new and old. I love my job here - I've been addicted to code since I was 10 years old and Bright provides a great working environment with amazing people and superb flexibility in how I manage my time. This means I can start my day early, or finish later, allowing time for me to squeeze in my other passions which include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more recently, learning to fly.

– Neil, Developer

Group Head of Engineering

The Group Head of Engineering will be responsible for the technical solutions, and underlying R&D capacity and ability, that delivers on the company’s commercial products and platform.

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