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Over the past few years, the headcount at Bright has tripled in size which is down to our amazing HR team who are dedicated to ensuring Bright recruit the best people and retain them by supporting them. The HR team is made up of amazing people who all share a passion for helping Bright employees to grow both personally and professionally.

Supporting employees is a central role for HR and it is part of Bright's company culture. Bright's culture is ingrained in everything that we do and in every department.

At Bright, we strive to see our people grow and develop!

Photo of group of Bright employees

The HR team is responsible for:

Planning employee engagement events

Providing educational assistance

Supporting health & wellness

Hosting staff training days to help them grow

A day in the life of a HR Consultant

As a HR Consultant the tasks I complete are vast, my role is not only employee oriented but I also work on Bright's mergers and acquisitions which is as complicated and time consuming as it sounds but I love it! Life in the HR office is far from predictable and that's what is great about it. If you are looking for a role full of variety, is challenging, expands your skills and knowledge then Bright is the place to be.

But it's not just the work I enjoy, the culture is a contributing factor. Everyone at Bright is not only helpful and willing to give a hand but also come together for our charity events/ fundraisers.

– HR Consultant

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