Smart software solutions that get the job done. That’s a Bright idea.

Discover the power to switch things up.

Managing your accounting practice and clients. Balancing the books. Inputting accurate payroll details. Protecting data.

You face a myriad of challenges in the day-to-day running of your business. But making one small change to how you approach them can have incredible benefits for your business and your people. That’s where Bright comes in. It’s your lightbulb moment.

Bright takes care of all your daily challenges, causing a ripple effect that creates an easier way of working, and gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most: growing your business. That one ray of light becomes a firework display of productivity.

And speaking of lightbulb moments, our podcast series features disruptors and thought leaders from the accounting industry, revealing the bright ideas that gave them the power to switch things up for their business, practice and clients.

Across four episodes we'll take a deeper look at these moments in order to uncover how the 'Bright choice' was the right choice for them. How about that for a Bright idea?

Upcoming episodes

Photo of Kevin McCallum

Podcast 1:
The future of the accountancy industry

Join Kevin McCallum as he discusses how the frustration for existing software solutions drove him to create a better way to ‘get the job done’. He looks at current industry trends and makes predictions for the future.

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Podcast 2:
Exploring the changing role of accountants

A panel of accountancy industry experts come together to explore their changing role, the influence of digital financials, and how to protect modern accountancy tools from the threat of ransomware attacks.

Podcast 3:
Being ‘creative’ to retain and recruit top talent

Accountants are dealing with a competitive talent market, exacerbated by rising wages. Des O'Neill and Jack Moore discuss how practices are solving talent shortages and how technology can streamline processes.

Lightbulb moments

Podcast 4: How organisations can handle resistance to change when implementing new technologies

Jack Moore and Kevin McCallum discuss why accountancy practices should ensure they have the correct strategies in place to manage employee resistance when introducing new technologies.

What the industry is saying

Here’s a lightbulb moment: make managing your practice better and smarter with AccountancyManager.

Claire Rulton, owner of Addison Accounts had a lightbulb moment and began using AccountancyManager to make light work of all her practice management tasks.

Read how she stopped running multiple tabs and formulas in Excel and switched things up, giving her team greater control over their tasks and more time to spend on the numbers.

Photo of Claire Rulton