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Easily access and manage all your clients’ accounts from the one platform with a built-in bookkeeping module.

Client bookkeeping access

Surf Accounts is directly integrated with Surf Accounts Production and allows you to share restricted access with your clients. While they can manage certain bookkeeping processes, you maintain full control of your clients' accounts.

Surf Client bookkeeping access

Invoicing on-the-go

Help your clients find a reliable way to get paid on time, every time. Your clients will have access to customisable invoice templates. Using the Surf Accounts app, your clients have the option of working from anywhere. With just a click, they can convert their quotes to an invoice, send them to customers, and monitor their real-time status.

Surf Invoicing on-the-go

Automated data capture

Surf Accounts includes integration with Dext Prepare which gives you the ultimate end-to-end solution. Be it a receipt, an invoice, or a bank statement, Dext Prepare captures and extracts all the information you need, and automatically processes it to Surf Accounts. By using Surf Accounts and Dext Prepare together, you can remove the manual data entry from your workflow and start automating how you process your clients’ paperwork.

Surf and Dext Automated data capture

Streamline payments

Using Surf Accounts, your clients can better manage how they handle their payments. They can keep on top of their payments by viewing the vendors and expenses on the one screen, view the payments status, and set up recurring payments. Suppliers can be paid quicker by generating SEPA files and multiple bills can be paid with just the one payment transaction.

Surf streamline payments

Bank reconciliation

Stay on top of your clients’ financial performance and bank reconciliation by connecting their bank accounts to Surf Accounts. Set up bank feeds for both UK and ROI banks to receive automatic updates of bank transactions, giving you and your clients a live view of their cashflow. Save time on clients' month-end or year-end reconciliations with the ability to reconcile a large number of transactions quickly and easily.

Surf Bank reconciliation

Online VAT returns

Generate and submit your client’s VAT returns with ease with full Irish and UK VAT reporting included. Everything is automatically calculated, depending on the VAT scheme and rates chosen when entering transactions. Once you have completed the VAT return, you have the option to save in PDF or CSV, print and submit the values to Revenue. You can also record the payment or refund of VAT.

Surf Online VAT returns

Charts & dashboards

Access clear and simple dashboards, giving you all the key figures of your client’s business. You can customise dashboards depending on the level of information you want to see. Highlight additional data in the form of line charts, pie charts, funnel charts, a list of statistics or drill down tables.

Surf Charts & dashboards

Customisable reports

Surf Accounts makes reporting easy, covering every aspect of your clients’ business reporting needs. From the dashboard, you can dive deeper into more detailed report analysis of a summary figure. Access, produce and customise all your required accounting reports. From detailed sales invoice analysis to a Trial Balance, to a Return of Trading Details report – all at the click of a button.

Surf Customisable reports

Stock management tool

Offer clients a two-fold solution for their bookkeeping and stock management needs. Using the inventory management tool, your clients can monitor their stock levels, maintain a full product catalogue, and automate the tracking of goods in and out through purchase orders and invoices.

Surf Stock management tool

CRM & sales pipeline tool

Surf Accounts is more than just a bookkeeping software. It comes with an in-built CRM, perfectly suited to SME clients. Using the CRM system, your clients can communicate with prospective customers, track opportunities from calls through to quotations, and manage the process into a sales pipeline funnel. It’s a value-added tool that you can offer to your clients.

Surf CRM & sales pipeline tool

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