BrightAccountsProduction Features

Prepare perfectly presented financial statements with these intuitive features.

A variety of formats

BrightAccountsProduction provides an unrivalled variety of formats, enabling you to prepare financial statements for all of your clients from one platform. Produce fully compliant accounts for sole-traders, partnerships, LLPs, companies, schools, farms, charities, and more. Includes FRS102, FRS Section 1A, and FRS105. 

BrightAccountsProduction A Variety of Formats

One-click iXBRL production

Convert your finalised set of accounts to XBRL with just one click. With BrightAccountsProduction, there is no lengthy coding process, no manual tagging, and no assisted tagging. You can quickly submit accounts that are fully compliant with iXBRL requirement directly to the Companies House.

BrightAccountsProduction One Click iXBRL

Online access anywhere, anytime

With a cloud accounts production software, you can access, edit, share, and create financial statements from any device and location. You have better data security, easier access to data, the ability for enhanced collaboration and much more. 

BrightAccountsProduction Online Access Anywhere, Anytime

In-built bookkeeping module

Streamline your accounting processes by accessing and managing your clients’ accounts from the one platform. With the seamless integration of BrightBooks, you and your clients can keep accurate and comprehensive bookkeeping. Including an in-built CRM, it has everything and more you would expect from a cloud bookkeeping solution. 

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BrightAccountsProduction In-Built Bookkeeping Module

Faster responses with e-signing

Speed up the approval process by using the in-built e-signing tool to request signatures. Clients can securely send and sign documents on the go, reducing the time spent waiting for approval. You can monitor the progress by tracking the signature status, seeing who has or has not signed the document. 

BrightAccountsProduction Faster Responses with E-Signing

Automated compliance

Our dedicated compliance team ensures that all formats are automatically updated to stay compliant with the latest tax and legislative requirements. Have confidence in your compliance with inbuilt checks and balances and by using the compliance database to quickly and accurately produce accounts. 

Instant editing of final accounts

When it comes to reviewing final accounts, it can be a time-consuming process. Get work done faster and easier with BrightAccountsProduction’s powerful editing capabilities. When making revisions, simply select the sentence or section you wish to change and make edits directly to the final statement without ever having to leave the document. The default settings can be quickly restored if a mistake has been made. 

BrightAccountsProduction Instant Editing of Final Accounts

Data security

BrightAccountsProduction comes with the security promise from Microsoft Azure Cloud. Enjoy peace of mind with the built-in, multi-layered, security controls and unique threat intelligence to identify and protect against evolving threats. 

BrightAccountsProduction Data Security

Import historical data

Easily import your current year’s data along with all the key figures from the last 5 years, allowing you to make comparisons in the trial balance, profit and loss, and balance sheet. Quickly drill down on figures for further analysis. 

In-built workflow status 

Monitor and track the status of your financial statements, from requesting your client’s books to completing the accounts. Collaborate with colleagues by leaving notes at each stage so they can pick up where you left off.

BrightAccountsProduction In-Built Workflow Status 

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