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BrightPay Cloud vs. Desktop – What's the difference?

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"BrightPay payroll is the best platform out there by a mile. In addition, BrightPay's support is always friendly, fast and accurate. They are consistently fantastic!"

Julia H via TrustPilot

Why BrightPay?

Future-proofing your payroll

Online payroll software is updated automatically and grows with your business, giving you peace of mind for the future.

No-stress legislative compliance

When the rules change, so does BrightPay. Our development teams react to legislation as it happens to reduce the risk to you.

Pay for what you use

With BrightPay, you pay for what you use and can upgrade flexibly for the best value payroll out there.

Flexible access that works with your schedule

BrightPay offers secure data and online payroll access, allowing you to easily work from anywhere.

Effortlessly share the load with your team

Multiple users can work on the same employer to seamlessly manage payroll, employees, payslips and more.

No-stress switching from BrightPay desktop...

and other providers! Our migration wizard will make the process simple, and our support team are on hand to help.

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BrightPay cloud or desktop - which one should I choose?

Cloud or desktop - feature comparison

See the differences between BrightPay's desktop payroll software and BrightPay's cloud-based payroll software.

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