BrightPay Features

A wealth of features that work together to make payroll a breeze.

Accounting software integration

BrightPay (desktop) includes payroll journal API integration with several accounting packages, including Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, QuickBooks Online and many more. This allows users to send the payroll journal directly to their bookkeeping software from within BrightPay.

Batch payroll processing

Bureau users only

BrightPay (desktop) bureau users can batch process the payroll for multiple clients at the same time. Users can finalise payslips, check for coding notices and send outstanding RTI & CIS submissions for multiple employers at the same time. 

Pay employees through BrightPay

Get ultimate convenience with real-time and 24/7 payments using BrightPay’s integration with the payment platform Modulr. It’s a fast, secure and easy way to pay employees, subcontractors and HMRC through BrightPay (desktop). There’s no need to create bank files or become a Bacs Approved Bureau. 

Batch payments feature

Client payroll entry & upload tool

Bureau users only

Send payroll requests to clients with BrightPay Connect. Clients can then enter the payroll information which will seamlessly flow through to the bureau’s online portal for approval, ready to sync back to the payroll software. No manual data entry needed. 

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Online employer portal

With BrightPay Connect, employers can access an online dashboard where they can run payroll reports, access employee payslips and employee details, upload HR documents, manage employees’ leave and so much more. 

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Employee self-service app

With BrightPay Connect, employees have access to their own personal self-service portal.

Employees can access a payslip library, read HR documents, request leave, and update their personal contact details. 

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BrightPay's cloud features

Coming soon

With BrightPay's cloud-based payroll software, you can unlock even more features. It looks like BrightPay, it feels like BrightPay, but now it's fully cloud-based, giving users new and improved features such as multi-user payroll processing and the ability to process payroll anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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Automatic enrolment

BrightPay includes full functionality for automatic enrolment. Setting up your pension scheme, enrolling employees, issuing communication, making contributions and viewing reports – it's all seamless and simple. BrightPay automatically assesses employees, with notifications telling you what you need to do. The software also includes direct integration with NEST, The People’s Pension, Smart Pension and Aviva, allowing easy one-click submissions.

Payslip distribution

Payslips are automatically available to employees through the employee self service portal. Payslips can also be emailed, printed, exported to PDF. Payslips can be tailored to add/remove certain information on the payslip, for example, add a company logo or remove the payment method details. Employees can be paid by Faster Payments, credit transfer, cheque or cash. 

Payment schedules

Process weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly payment schedules. Run multiple payment schedules side-by-side with one-click access to any pay period. Add unlimited payments, additions, deductions and attachment orders to a payslip and assign an employee to one or multiple departments. 

Expenses & benefits

BrightPay allows you to record all types of reportable expenses and benefits that can be provided to employees. BrightPay can produce P11Ds to send to HMRC after year-end. BrightPay also supports Payrolling of Benefits, which calculates the PAYE on expenses and benefits in each pay period. The choice of payrolling or P11D can be set on a per-benefit basis. 

CIS subcontractors

BrightPay (desktop) includes a full CIS module in all licences at no extra cost. BrightPay caters for all subcontractor types, including sole traders, companies, partnerships and trusts. Pay subcontractors tax monthly or tax weekly, send subcontractor verification requests, and issue Subcontractor Payment and Deduction Statements. 

Customised reports

BrightPay includes a flexible report builder where you can create customised reports. Choose from over 100 data items and choose which employees to include in a report. Reports can be printed, exported to PDF or saved for future use. Reports can also be made automatically available on our online employer dashboard, BrightPay Connect. 

Multi-user remote access

BrightPay (desktop) licences can be installed on up to 10 PCs. This means that payroll processing is possible by up to 10 users, or from 10 different locations. When used alongside BrightPay Connect, the software will automatically alert you if another user is in the file to prevent the risk of conflicting copies. BrightPay also reminds you to use the most up-to-date version of the file if it detects multiple connected payroll files. 

HMRC compliant payroll

BrightPay is fully HMRC Recognised and RTI compliant. BrightPay automatically creates Full Payment Submissions (FPS) as you progress through the payroll year. Other submission types (Additional FPS, NVR, EPS) can be created as required. BrightPay stores all HMRC communication logs, and relays submission errors back to you in a clear, user-friendly format. 

Safe and secure

With BrightPay (desktop), all payroll data for an employer is contained in a single file for simple backup and transfer. Sensitive data is encrypted in the employer file. Employer files can be optionally password protected. Employer files can be stored on a cloud file sync service such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive giving you access to the employer files from multiple PCs. Payroll data can also be automatically backed up to a secure online server every 15 minutes, using BrightPay Connect. 

Getting started with BrightPay

BrightPay (desktop) allows you to bring across your company and employee details from various payroll packages, including HMRC Basic PAYE Tools, Moneysoft, Sage and many more. Start at the beginning of the tax year, in the middle of the tax year, or continue partway in the tax year from migrated payroll records. 

Take the pain out of processing payroll