BrightPay in the cloud

Your favourite payroll software is now going online.
Process payroll anywhere, anytime.

Coming 22nd March 2023

BrightPay Cloud Payroll

Bringing new & improved features to BrightPay

Cloud-based solution

Access the software anywhere, anytime from any device.

BrightPay Cloud Flexible access

Multi-user functionality

Multiple users can simultaneously work on a single employer.

BrightPay Cloud Multi-user functionality

Data hosting

Bright will be responsible for data hosting & security.

Payroll Data hosting & security

Multiple period end dates

Create multiple pay schedules with different period end dates.

Payroll with different period end date

Automated migration

Instantly migrate your payroll data from BrightPay desktop mid-year.

BrightPay Cloud Automated Migration

No learning process

The screen layouts will be almost identical to the desktop software.

BrightPay Cloud No learning process


Calculate monthly bill

per month

Example monthly bills

Number of employeesPrice per month (ex. VAT)

1 employee

£6 per month

5 employees

£8.20 per month

10 employees

£13.70 per month

30 employees

£34.35 per month

50 employees

£50.95 per month

100 employees

£80.95 per month

250 employees *

£140.95 per month

500 employees *

£215.95 per month

Please note, as the cloud version of BrightPay still in development, there is currently a restriction of 100 employees per client.

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