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BrightPay (Desktop Version)

BrightPay Pricing

Cloud Version

Customers have two billing options to purchase BrightPay (Cloud): 

Monthly subscription: Monthly payments are due and payable monthly in arrears by Direct Debit on the 4th of the following month or the next working day, based on your total number of active employers and employees in that month. Payments are taken automatically each month.

Annual payment: Annual payment plans are due and payable on the 4th of the following month based on the number of employers and employees you will need in that year. A discount will apply to annual payments. *

Payment details are set up in your Bright ID billing preferences. Pricing applies to the cloud version of BrightPay only.

*Additional usage that is higher than the annual payment plan will be charged based on monthly subscription prices with overage payments taken automatically each month.

Bright ID billing preferences

BrightPay Pricing

Desktop Version

BrightPay 2023/24 for Windows or Mac is available to download and install.


Standard licences

For employers

One employer, unlimited employees


One employer, up to 25 employees


One employer, up to 10 employees


One employer, up to 3 employees


Bureau licences

For payroll service providers

Unlimited employers, unlimited employees


Up to 25 employers, unlimited employees


Up to 10 employers, unlimited employees


Note: All prices above are per tax year and exclude VAT. *Our prices are subject to fair usage policies. To learn more about these policies, please take a moment to read our terms and conditions

BrightPay Connect

With BrightPay's desktop payroll solutions, you can use BrightPay Connect which includes automatic cloud backups, an online employer portal and employee self-service app.

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Number of employeesPrice per month (ex. VAT)

1 employee

£0.65 per month

5 employees

£2.73 per month

10 employees

£5.08 per month

30 employees

£11.38 per month

50 employees

£20.63 per month

100 employees

£36.13 per month

250 employees

£75.13 per month

500 employees

£130.13 per month

1,000 employees

£210.13 per month

All prices above are exclusive of VAT.

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